BGMI Lite Release date, Features, Phone Requirements, File Size

BGMI Lite Release Date

BGMI Lite Release date, Features, Phone Requirements, File Size, Direct APK Download Links and many more details can be checked here. We all know that the gaming industry is continuously growing in today’s world. The gaming industry has been tremendously successful in establishing its dependence on gamers, and they have successfully created several innovative ways to keep its users hooked to them.

What is BGMI Lite?

One of the most commonly played game types is royal battle games, and several famous gaming companies like Krafton, Garnera, and Apex legend. PUBG was the most loved game in India and was played by people of almost every age group. Krafton also developed PUBG in association with Tencent games. However, it was banned in India due to security issues concerns from China. Later to fill the void created by the ban on PUBG, Krafton developed another battle game called Battle Grounds Mobile India. 

There is an issue with these games: they require high-maintenance phones, which means they can only function appropriately in high-spec phones. Another major issue was that these games used to take up massive space in the phones, so mid-range phones could not install the game. BGMI 2.4 Beta Update is also on the way.

BGMI Lite Release Date

BGMI Lite Release date

Therefore, BGMI Lite, a light mobile version of the legendary Battle Royale game that is easier and faster to play, was launched by Krafton. It provides a perfect gaming option for when users don’t have the time to dedicate fully to a full-fledged battle royale game. In addition to making the game easier to play, BGMI light gives players who pre-register early access and rewards for taking part. This is done to keep the users interested in the game.

BGMI lite version provides as a beneficial solution to the device heating and lag issue faced by the mid-range phones on installing the original version. However, with these new features comes a drawback: BGMI lite comes with slightly compromised graphics. PUBG Lite was also launched by the Krafton company, which was also created with the view to consume less space, but a compromised graphic quality was observed in that game as well.

Theme of the BGMI Lite Game

The Victorian era is the setting of the upcoming smartphone game MI Lite by the creator BGMI Games. It has a captivating battle system, gorgeous graphics, and an interesting plot. The story of the conflict between the supernatural and the human world is told in MI Light, set in the era. You take on the role of one of the only people who can combat the supernatural in the game

Aim of BGMI Lite

To produce a lite version for the low-spec mobile phones and provide additional features. To ensure that the problems faced by low-spec phone users can be curtailed as far as possible. Krafton also conducted a voting poll to analyse the gamer’s interest and the possibility of utilising the lite version.

Details of the BGMI Lite game

Name of the Game

Battle Grounds Mobile India game Lite


Lite Version of the Game for Mid-range, budget-friendly mobile phones

Developer Company

Krafton & Level infinite

Supporting Platform

Android 5.1.1 and Up



BGMI Lite Size

600-700 MB

BGMI Lite Release Date 

Not announced yet.

BGMI Lite APK download link

As of now, there is no direct link to download the APK version.

BGMI Lite System requirements and File size

The operation of BGMI is not as smooth as BGMI’s original version. Therefore, several requirements for the phones are needed to install BGMi lite, which are as follows

  • Downloading the BGMI Lite requires Android 5.1.1 and at least 1GB of RAM.
  • After downloading all maps, the total size of BGMI Lite can reach 600–700 MB.
  • UHD graphics settings are available for the game.
  • The frame rate can reach 90fps on top-tier android devices.
  • From 400 to 300, touch sensitivity may be slightly decreased
  • The game is not available for iOS phones.

BGMI LIte Features

Currently, no official teaser of the game has been released by the company. So, very little is known about the features incorporated in the game. However, the following list mentions some of the features believed that BGMI lite version would possess.

  • The BGMI Lite is anticipated to have similar capabilities and a robust gaming experience. The only distinction is the size and specifications tailored to fit devices with less Memory.
  • Players can anticipate that BGMI Lite will be very similar to PUBG Mobile Lite since it is BGMI’s lighter version. For low-end devices, this implies that gamers can play the game at significantly lower graphic settings. Few Battle Royale maps will be available, and there will presumably be fewer Arcade options. However, the weapon choices (Arsenal) will be exactly the same as that of BGMI.
  • The game’s mobile version has a number of unique features, such as the capacity for up to four players to participate in a single game and the capacity for offline play. 
  • The Royale Pass in BGMI Lite will be less expensive than the original BGMI edition, similar to the Winning Pass in PUBG Mobile Lite. 
  • The likelihood of numerous event modes in Classic matches is quite low because the Lite edition will be made to operate while consuming the least amount of RAM space possible. Users may not actually have access to many different game modes as a result.

How to download BGMI lite 

As it has already been mentioned that no official announcement regarding the launch of BGMI in India has been made. So currently, there is no active link to download the APK version of the game. However, the game can be downloaded from the official website of BGMI from the link——— . Once the link gets activated, steps can be followed to complete the installation method.

  • Visit the Google Play Store or the official website to get the BGMI Lite APK.
  • Once it’s open, search for the BGMI Lite app on the Play Store and download it.
  • Install the BGMI Lite application.
  • After downloading, the game’s beta version will be received if you have already registered for BGMI Lite.
  • Launch the BGMI Lite app that was downloaded via the APK.
  • Click “You are a beta tester” after navigating down through the scroll buttons. 
  • The user may now download the finished version by clicking the provided download button.

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