Bharat OS Download – Launch Date, Features, File Size, Beta Release

Bharat OS

Bharat OS Download – Launch Date, Features, File Size, Beta Release: In this article, detailed information on the Indian operating System, Bharat OS Download, its features, file size, and other details are provided. Bharat Operating System is an Indian operating system developed by CDC, which provides a more user-friendly experience to Hindi-language computer users.

Bharat OS

Tech experts have long seen the need for a customised Operating system in India. Major population of North India need computers for their daily work and is more comfortable with the Hindi language. But, they are dependent on Microsoft OS, which does not support the Hindi Language. Therefore, the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), Thiruvananthapuram, has developed the Indian operating system or Bharat Operating System Solutions (or Bharat OS/BOSS).

All PC users will be able to download the free operating system.  It can be downloaded on a computer through a custom Read-Only Memory (ROM) package or Bharat Software Development Kit (Bharat OS SDK). The BOSS is available in three major forms, BOSS Desktop, EduBOSS, and BOSS Server.

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Bharat OS Download

Very seen we all will be able to accomplish the Bharat OS Download procedure and use the software on our computers or mobile phones. Those interested in the operating system can complete Bharat OS Download from the official website of BOSS The new Indian operating system offers several features like in-built browsers, Email clients tool, and others. Those interested in working with the Indian interface operating system can now do the same by Bharat OS download. In this article, we will provide detailed information about the Bharat OS Downlaod, its features and other details.

Bharat OS

Bharat OS Launch Date

BOSS was created by CDAC and is regarded as one of the most important deliveries of the National Resource Centre for Free and Open Source Software (NRC-FOSS). The government of India has encouraged the Indians to use this software and help in its better establishment. The first version of BOSS was launched in 2006, and the last stable launch of the operating was made in 2021. The complete history of various versions of BharatOS Launch Date is given below in tabular format.

Version Name Launch Date
1.0 Tarag January 2006
2.0 Anant September 2007
3.0 Tejas September 2008
4.0 Savir April 2011
5.0 Anokha September 2013
6.0 Anoop August 2015
7.0 Drishti August 2018
8.0 Unnati July 11, 2019
9.0 Urja February 19, 2021

With the improved Desktop Environment from BOSS, other software useful to the Indian government is integrated, along with support for the Indian language. BOSS facilitates general adaptability by making switching from any proprietary System to the GNU/Linux platform easier.

Version 9 of BOSS GNU/Linux is the newest version. The new version comes with Cinnamon Desktop Environment, and it also has other features like extensive software & language support for Indian languages. With more glitzy themes and the newest programmes, this update strives to improve the user interface. It possesses an updated Linux Kernel of 5.10.

Bharat OS Features

The Bharat OS operating system provides several features to its users.  Below is the list of some main Bharat OS features:

  • The BOSS operating system enables manufacturers and users to install their own unique user interfaces, allowing consumers to have a  smooth experience on their devices.
  • The integrated search feature on the BOSS desktop allows users to open recently used documents and settings as well as launch applications, and switch windows.
  • Full-featured office productivity package is provided by LibreOffice, which offers an almost drop-in substitute for Microsoft(R) Office. The LibreOffice suite includes applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, diagrams and drawings, database management, and creating mathematical formulas.
  • Bharat OS has integrated with other Google services, like Gmail, Drive, and Maps, to offer a unified user experience across various devices.
  • Also, the Systems settings in Control panel have been restructured to make it simple to find the parameter you’re looking for. Many settings panels have also been changed to be more user-friendly.
  • BOSS comes with a new Ibus input method. This includes new candidate character popups, new Region & Language settings, a new on-screen input method switcher, and the inclusion of all input method engines in the input method menu.
  • Bharat OS provides a voice-activated personal assistant. This Google Assistant can prove beneficial for a variety of functions, from text message sending to setting reminders.
  • The security feature is the main feature which is incorporated in BOSS. Under this, Google will frequently publish security updates to shield users from attacks and flaws.

The list of features is long, and the user-friendly feature of the operating system tops the list of features offered by the operating system.

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Bharat OS File Size

It is essential to know about the Bharat OS File size before opting for downloading. The latest version of BOSS, version 9, is 2.4 GB in size, while version 6 was 1.8 GB in size. A skilled developer is required to complete the operating system installation process because it is difficult to follow.

BOSS Beta Release

In 2008, Bharat Operating Software solutions released its first Bharat OS version. So, it is safe to claim it has successfully completed its beta testing phase. The beta release is the testing phase of an operating system which aims to check the functioning of the OS on a limited number of users.

Frequently Asked Question

What do you mean by Bharat OS?

It is an operating system developed for Hindi-language users. It was first released in 2008.

Can I use BOSS for free?

Yes, BOSS is free of cost, open-source operating system.

Which is the latest version of BAhart OS?

The most recent version, Bharat OS version 9 (Urja), was launched on February 11th, 2021.

Do I need to buy a new phone to install Bharat OS?

No, it can be used on your current devices.

What is the file size of the latest version of BOSS?

The File size of the latest version of BOSS is 2.4 GB.

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