Karnataka Election 2023 Polls, Exit Poll, Opinion Poll, Who is Winning

Karnataka Election

The voting date of the assembly elections in Karnataka is just a few days away, and all the parties are making their best possible efforts to get the maximum number of votes. The political parties are doing campaigns right now and attacking the opposition party to get most of the votes. But who will rule the Kannada state for the next five years? Let’s just predict with the help of the Karnataka Election 2023 Polls. So keep on reading to know who has a high possibility of getting the majority of seats.

Karnataka Election 2023

The Gazette notification of the general elections to the Legislative Assembly of Karnataka 2023 is issued on 13th April 2023, and the polling date is 10th May 2023. The date of counting is 13th May 2023. As per the notification, the election shall be completed by 15th May 2023. Various exit and opinion poll has been carried out within the state to predict the ruling party for the next five years. The political parties need a total of 113 seats to win the simple majority.

All the parties are trying their best to convince people to give the vote. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also held a 36.6 km roadshow on May 6 as a part of their campaign. Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the massive public rally in Karnataka, attacked the opposition party, reminding of the incident that happened in Rajasthan. He said a few years ago, 50 people were killed in the state due to a bomb explosion, and the congress government let the culprits out of prison. No punishment was given to the offenders.

In contrast, the Congress party also attempts to take over Saffron’s party control over the state. Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will schedule public meetings in Mandya and a mega road show in three places. The opposition party also launches the Twitter campaign ‘CryPMpayCM’, to which PM Modi hits back, saying Congress has abused him 91 times.

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Karnataka Election Exit Poll 2023

Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai recently told the reporters at the airport that we do not contest elections based on exit polls but rather on their own information system and prepare our strategy and plans accordingly. He further added that they are aware of the ground realities and will definitely win a majority in the election.

The prediction made in the exit poll of the Karnataka election will also be made available to you here on our page after the polling date. So visit our website regularly to know who is winning.

Karnataka Election

Karnataka Election Opinion Poll 2023

Ahead of the assembly elections in Karnataka, interesting outcomes are coming out in the opinion poll. The opinion poll indicates that the Congress party will secure the Kannada state for five years while the ruling party, BJP, could lose this time. The opinion poll is not good for BJP, and it seems that Congress will take the southern state this time.

The Opinion poll figures show that out of the total 224 assembly seats, the maximum number of seats ranging from 107 to 119 will go to the congress party while BJP will be foreseen to get 74 to 86 seats this time and the remaining 23 to 35 seats will get by JD(S). According to the latest data collected from opinion poll BJP is anticipated to lose by 5 per cent. The anticipated voting as per the opinion poll is as follows:

Political Party Vote Share in Percentage
BJP 40%
Congress 35%
JD(S) 17%
Others 8%

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Who is Winning Karnataka Election 2023?

Some opinion polls indicate the winning of the BJP, while some predict the Congress. It is right now hard to decide who will be the next ruling party in Karnataka. Well, both parties are putting multiple allegations against each other to convince people that they are better than the other. Right now, it’s hard to predict. Let’s see what happens; keeping our fingers crossed. We have also kept our eyes on the elections and will update you with the latest happenings circulating it.

Please tell us, in your opinion, which party should win the Karnataka Election 2023. Also, for the current happenings of the election, please do come to our page regularly.

Thank You!

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6 responses to “Karnataka Election 2023 Polls, Exit Poll, Opinion Poll, Who is Winning”

  1. Samson Avatar

    Congress should win BJP dis not do anything for Karnataka

  2. Kajal singh Avatar
    Kajal singh

    congress government should come to power as PM Modig always tell lies. PM is the person who invented LPG from gutter.
    PM is such a educated person who says rainfall and clouds hide aircrafs from radar.
    PM is holding A Masters Degree in entire political Science and he delivers that in Canada A2+b2 =a2+2ab+b2 hope u all remember that all the mathematician r still finding the answer
    modig=total lies uneducated wrost PM in indian history

  3. Manu Avatar

    Congress needs to win and people of Karnataka wants a change of government. Don’t forget the JD (S) as the dark horses who could be kingmakers in here.


    Congress dug its own graveyard by quoting PM as a snake and talking about a ban on Bajaragdal, a criminal statement showing how cheap they are. The recent IT raid on Congress well-wishers and found crores of cash and jewellery itself proved again and again how guilty the party is. One side speaks about non-corruption and the other side is about unaccountable cash found. It loses its initial grip day by day and after Modi’s rallies and addressing public meetings punched the nail in Congress.
    If I am correct BJP will get 150 seats and whereas Congress may get 40-50 max. Definitely, there is no equal fight between BJP & Congress.

  5. jiji Avatar

    No Doubt ,
    It Will be BJP

  6. T.p.ghanesh iyer Avatar
    T.p.ghanesh iyer

    Opinion.polls can be only be presumed but cannot be 100.per cent correct ,poll.sters are doing some thing what they feel is correct t but practicality will count on 13/5/2023

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