MLBB Redeem Code Today – No Limit, Diamonds, Exchange, Site

MLBB Redeem Code

MLBB Redeem Code Today – No Limit, Diamonds, Exchange, Site: Check the article for MLBB Redeem Codes to earn extra diamonds and other special skills.vMobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is one of the most famous Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA).

MLBB Redeem Code

The game consists of 10 nano-second matches to be played between two teams of 5 players each. In this, the players must kill their enemies’ turrets using their favourite heroes. The classes available to players include tanks, mages, cutthroats, supports, marksmen, and many more.

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The game is praised for its quick bouts and simple controls. Several of these heroes and in-game goodies, such as hero skins and emotes, can be unlocked for free, while others must be bought from the in-game shop by making the payment.

MLBB Redeem Code Today

Several games these days offer options to get skills free of cost as a reward for playing the game, as a reward of loyalty, or as a part of an event in the game. This is typically done to maintain the user’s interest in the game. MLBB is yet another game where you may obtain recently published redemption codes.  We will provide the most recent MLBB Redeem Code updates in this article, and the players can use these codes to redeem various skills.

MLBB Redeem Code

MLBB No Limit Codes

The redemption codes are a great way to redeem various skills and upliftments in the MLBB game. These codes help to unlock various in-game skills like Diamonds and Magic Dust. Gamers who enjoy playing MLBB games always keep an eye on these codes to uplift their game. The creators of MLBB keep releasing new redemption codes to keep their users hooked to the game. For April 2023, the creators have released several codes to entertain their gamers. The latest redemption codes are provided below:

  • v399g9t35bcs22krk
  • W3P758
  • tdau2xcp7nmb22k56
  • yeagrbvvyn9q22mh9
  • HOLAMLBB (new players only)

Some old codes which might still be working are listed below:

  • ck3bcw9rc47622abu
  • 8k2u167jg
  • eu3yequqx98722cb4
  • 030dm77jg
  • 5eqjbc423k7t229z2
  • fu5mrxm5j7xc229zv
  • Bsnqii3b7
  • 4epjdv78g3rj22a22
  • gupyvk6yw2ka229wp
  • rzv6wwd2uynr2285d
  • 90m47t7jg
  • 9eb2yhn5m8v522bxt
  • gupyvk6yw2ka229wp
  • rzv6wwd2uynr2285d
  • gupyvk6yw2ka229wp
  • rzv6wwd2uynr2285d
  • gupyvk6yw2ka229wp
  • rzv6wwd2uynr2285d
  • gupyvk6yw2ka229wp
  • rzv6wwd2uynr2285d
  • gupyvk6yw2ka229wp
  • rzv6wwd2uynr2285d
  • gupyvk6yw2ka229wp
  • rzv6wwd2uynr2285d
  • gupyvk6yw2ka229wp
  • rzv6wwd2uynr2285d
  • 9dw2bna5j2zz22bxu
  • 9y9y7exqkdxv22bxt
  • 6rhs88qbf8vh22ak9
  • 0kill0deathwin

Various codes released by creators have a limit on how many times they can be used, while others don’t. For instance, a code might include a limit of 300 redemptions, making it available to some players but inaccessible to others who try to use it beyond the cap.

MLBB Diamonds

In the mobile legends Game, diamonds serve as the in-game currency, which is used to unlock new heroes, weapons, skills or skins.  These diamonds are available from the in-game store, which provides 50 diamonds at the cost of $0.99 (Rs 81.06). The game creators also provide redemption codes to get free Diamonds. The one currently in use is “txfqcedbhqva2afw” for the reward of 1500 Diamonds. There are other ways to earn diamonds, as well as in-game recharges or by accumulating points in the game.

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MLBB Redeem Codes Exchange Site

Players can redeem their codes from the exchange site of MLBB In this section below, we have provided a short step-wise guide for the players to exchange their redemption codes.

Step-1: To begin with the redemption process, you must first launch Mobile Legends and the code exchange website in order to redeem codes.

Step-2: You’ll need to locate your account ID within the game. By tapping on your profile symbol, you may access that information. On the right side of the page, you’ll see a long number that looks like this: “ID: 123456789 (12345).” The number in bold is the one you should use.

Step-3: In the Game ID box on the website, enter that number and then tap Send.

Step-4: Your in-game mail will contain a code you must copy and paste into the website’s Verification Code box.

Step-5: Start typing the numbers you received; they are only valid for 30 minutes, and then tap Redeem.

After completing all these steps, your in-game inbox should get your prizes soon! Also, you should keep in mind that you don’t need to request a different code each time you enter a redemption code. This is because a redemption code remains active for a period of 30 minutes.

MLBB Game Overview

A multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game made specifically for mobile devices is called Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The only method employed to commercialise the free-to-play game is in-game purchases for items like characters and skins. Each player is granted control over a chosen Hero, a character with unique abilities and traits.

Name Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Genre Multiplayer online battle arena
Developer and Publisher Moonton
Platforms Android, iOS
Release Date Android: July 14, 2016

iOS: November 9, 2016

Code Availability Month April 2023
Redeem Code Status Active
Rewards In-game rewards to earn skills and extra diamonds
Official Website
Code Redemption Website

Many heroes can be unlocked using combat points that you can acquire in-game and tickets that you can obtain through the jigsaw event. If you don’t have enough tickets, you can purchase diamonds instead.


Therefore we would like to end this article with the hope that you would have enjoyed reading this article. Also, we would like to point out that gamers should always remember that none of these codes is available without limit; therefore, they should redeem their codes as soon as possible. Further, if you enjoy reading articles of this kind, then you should visit our main page for more such content.

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