Smallest Country in the World- Top 10 List According to Area

Smallest Country in the World

In the diverse world, there are huge countries, whereas there are also some tiny countries. Despite the area of these small countries, they possess the power in their way. So here in this article, we will talk about these small countries. We will give you a detailed description of the Top 10 List of Smallest Country in the World According to Area. Hence read the entire article thoroughly up to the end.

Smallest Country in the World

Which country is big and small is denoted by its area. The measuring units to do so can be different. Usually, the area is measured in square miles or kilometres. It is, however, accessible to recognize large countries such as Russia, Canada, the USA, or China. These countries have huge land masses and lengthy borders. They are not only massive in land area but are robust too. But what about the small countries? These countries, too, have particular importance globally, and their existence can’t be ignored. They also play a major role in building the economy of the world.

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Smallest Country in the World

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So in this article, we will discuss these smallest countries with their mainland area and essential points to consider regarding their geography.

Top 10 Country List According to Area

The size of the countries can be measured in two ways: Total area and Land area. The total area covers the land with water bodies, and the land area covers only the mainland area excluding water. Here we present the smallest countries list according to the land area. So let’s begin the countdown with the number one position.

1. Vatican City- Land Area Occupied- 0.49 km²

Vatican City, The Smallest Country in the World, is an independent enclave within Rome, Italy. The country came into existence in 1929 with the Lateran Treaty. The mainland area of the country is 49 hectares. In 2019 the country had a population of just 453, making it the world’s least populated country. The Latin name of the country is Status Civitatis Vaticanae. Vatican City is part of Vatican Hills. The smallest country has beautiful buildings like Apostolic Palace, St. Peters’ Basilica Church, the Sistine Chapel, and other beautiful buildings and museums.

2. Monaco- Land Area Occupied-2.1 km²

Monaco, the sovereign City State, is situated on the French Riviera, a few kilometres west of Liguria, in Western Europe. The microstate shares its border from three directions north, west, and eastern France. The official language is French. Around 38,682 people live in the sovereign state, with 19,009 inhabitants per kilometre square, making it the highest densely populated sovereign state globally. The world’s shortest coastline of 3.83 km is in this country. Despite being the second smallest country, Monaco is the home of many billionaires.

Smallest Country in the World

3. Nauru -Land Area Occupied-  21 km²

An egg-like oval-shaped island country, Nauru is at no. Three positions on the list of the Smallest Country in the World. The island is in the southern pacific ocean, approximately 55.95 km south of the Equator. Nauru is the smallest island country, with about 10000 people living there. Coral reefs surround the country’s boundary, so seaports can’t be established. However, small boats can access the island through channels in the reef.

4. Tuvalu -Land Area Occupied- 26 km²

Another island country on the list is Tuvalu, located between Hawaii and Australia. The microstate has three reef islands and six atolls. Initially, Tuvalu is known as the Ellice Islands. The country’s population is 11204, as per the data collected by the World Bank in 2021. Due to the small area of land, the people living in the country rely on fishing and imports for their survival. Tourism and fishing are the two only building stones of their economy.

5. San Marino -Land Area Occupied- 61 km²

A landlocked country in Southern Europe surrounded by Italy, San Marino has a total land area of just 61 km² with a population of 33,562. San Marino is among the only three countries in the world surrounded completely by another nation. The capital of the European microstate is the City of San Marino. The national language is Italian.

6. Liechtenstein -Land Area Occupied-  160 km²

The German microstate and doubly landlocked country Liechtenstein is situated between the mountain ranges of Austria and Switzerland. It borders Austria to the east and north and Switzerland to the west and south. The country is governed by the prince of Liechtenstein, following a democratic monarchy. Despite being among the smallest countries in the world, it has the highest GDP per person globally. The country’s mountain ranges attract tourism and are a favourite winter destination for tourists.

7. Marshall Islands -Land Area Occupied-  295 km²

The smaller island country is part of the island groups of Micronesia geographically. A total of five islands and 29 coral atolls made the island country with 1,156 residents spread over it. Among the total atolls, 24 are colonised, and the rest five have poor living conditions due to nuclear contamination and inadequate rainfall.

8. Saint Kitts and Nevis -Land Area Occupied- 261 km²

The micro-state consists of two islands, Saint Kitts and Nevis, situated in West Indies. Around 50000 people reside in the country, making it the smallest sovereign state in the Western Hemisphere. Saint Kitts and Nevis is a Commonwealth realm with Charles III as the state’s leader. The island country was among the first islands to be inhabited by Europeans. Thus, it has been named ‘The Mother Colony of the West Indies’.

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9. Maldives -Land Area Occupied-  298 km²

Maldives, a microstate in South Asia, lies in the Indian Ocean to the southwest of Srilanka and India. It consists of a total of 26 atolls, with roughly 557,751 people living there. The Maldives is the lowest country in the world, with only 2.4 m above sea level. It is the smallest Asian country and also the smallest Muslim-majority country. The capital Male is famously called ‘Kings Island’ as the royal king in ancient times ruled from the central location.

10. Malta -Land Area Occupied-  316 km²

The island country Malta lies in the Mediterranean Sea and consists of three colonised islands, Malta, Comino, and Gozo. The primary income source of the island country is tourism. It attracts tourists with its warm climate. The capital city Valletta is the smallest capital in the European Union in terms of area and population.

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    Rodrigues (French: Île Rodrigues [il ʁɔdʁiɡ]; Creole: Rodrig) is a 108 km2 (42 sq mi) autonomous outer island of the Republic of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, about 560 km (350 mi) East of Mauritius.[2] It is part of the Mascarene Islands, which include Mauritius and Réunion. Like Agaléga, Rodrigues is a constituent island of the Republic of Mauritius, under the Constitution of Mauritius and still remains, as explicitly defined by the same Constitution, part of the Sovereignty of Mauritius, together with the following islands “Agalega, Tromelin, Cargados Carajos (Saint Brandon), Chagos Archipelago (…) Diego Garcia and other islands included in the State of Mauritius”

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    It is absolutely fantastic and good information for students and for others interested to gain knowledge with the geographical studies, tourism and so on…
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    Similarly of other Smaller Countries of great value for tourism, per capita income, GDP etc…
    Really Great information and knowledge sharing…

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