The Legend of Lord Hanuman Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Story

The Legend of Lord Hanuman Season 3 Release

Lord Hanuman needs no introduction in India. There is barely a single person who is unfamiliar with the miracles of Hanumanji. Lord Hanuman is the favourite god of all the children among all the divine creatures in  India. Hence making an animated film on Hanuman will surely be a successful package for the producers. This is one of the reasons the makers of The Legend of Lord Hanuman have come up with its new season. So if you are excited to know all the inside happenings relating to The Legend of Lord Hanuman Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Story and more, stick to your devices and keep scrolling down the web page.

The Legend of Lord Hanuman Season 3 Release Date

The animated mythology series The Legend of Lord Hanuman is highly appreciated by the audience. Not only the children but the TV series made elder people also fall in love with it. The original season of the animated series debuted on 29 January 2021 on Disney+ Hotstar and, since then, received positive reviews. The web series is produced by Graphic India and was renewed for the second season on 27 July 2021.

Sharad Devarajan, Jeevan J. Kang, and Charuvi Agrawal co-created the series. So far, 26 episodes have been released in two seasons, each containing 13 episodes. Now talking about The Legend of Lord Hanuman Season 3 Release Date, there is no official date fixed for its release on the OTT platform. The makers have not made any statement about the release date, but you need not o be worry, as season 3 is sure to come. You will be able to watch the new episodes most tentatively by June 2023. We will let you know the exact release date whenever we get any solid proof of it.

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The Legend of Lord Hanuman Season 3 Voice Actors

As you know, The Legend of Lord Hanuman Season 3 is n animated web series. The production team used animatics that allowed the voice actors to act instead of only dubbing the characters. Charuvi Agarwal, for the animated series, designs the characters. So to familiarize you with the voice actors, we have prepared a list. Please take a look.

  • Sanket Mhatre voices the character of Lord Rama.
  • Damandeep Singh Baggan gave his voice to the main role, Lord Hanuman.
  • Surbhi Pandey delivers her voice as Sita, Lord Rama’s wife.
  • Sharad Kelkar conveys Ravana.
  • Vikrant Chaturvedi as Sugreev.
  • Richard Joel coveys Lakshmana.
  • Sahil Vaid expresses Bali.
  • Toshi Sinha voices Shurpanakha.
  • Pushkar Vijay as Angada.
  • Shailendra Pandey voices Pavan Dev
  • Vikram Kochhar communicates Suketu
  • Shakti Singh conveys Jambavanta
  • Rajesh Jolly voices Sampati

The Legend of Lord Hanuman Season 3 Release

The Legend of Lord Hanuman Season 3 Story

The Legend of Lord Hanuman’s original series begins with the childhood of the divine god. One day the table turns, and Hanumanji undertakes his journey to the sun and meets Lord Rama and Lakshmana. He then introduced Lord Rama to the Kishkindha king Sugreev and god Rama helped him to earn back his kingdom from his brother Bali.

In season two, Lord Rama, with his vanar sena, begins his journey to Lanka, where devil Ravan has prisoned Maa Sita. Lord Rama sends Hanumanji to convey his message to Sita in Lanka. Hanumanji, on his way, fought with many demons and finally reached Lanka and conveyed the message of Lord Ram to Sita. When he was returning back, the devil caught him and presented him before King Ravan. As a result, later, Hanumanji destroys the entire Lanka with his tail.

Now in the third season, we will probably see the destructive war between Ram and Ravana and between Hanumanji serving his services to Lord Rama. You can also see Hanumanji bringing the Sanjeevani booti for Laxamana to save his life. Due to the fact that the series is based on mythology, the story and plot are pretty clear, but it would be interesting to watch how the makers executed it in an animated form.

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The Legend of Lord Hanuman Season 3 Budget

We know that making an animated series requires a pretty expensive budget. However, nobody from the production unit has revealed the budget for the web series. Moreover, for the production department, budget is not the primary concern as the series is topping the charts, with its season 2 having an estimated 8.5 million views in just ten days.

At last, we have concluded that all the seasons of this web series are loved by the viewers, and hopefully, the same will happen with The Legend of Hanuman Season 3.

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