World Happiness Index 2023 Country Wise Rank [Updated List]

India ranks 136th position on World Happiness Index 2023 List. Know the country-wise rank and the happiest country in the world. Read the article for complete information on World Happiness Index 2023 Country Wise Rank [Updated List].

World Happiness Index 2023

World Happiness Index utilises information from global surveys to demonstrate how people rate their lives in more than 150 countries.  The World Happiness Index 2023 Report will commemorate the tenth anniversary of Globe Happiness Reflect. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc for two years. The pandemic time period caused several mental problems like depression and anxiety among people. It was not until 2022 that people’s lives returned to normal.

World Happiness Index 2023

Smallest Country in the World

Largest Country in the World

Fastest Animal in the World

Richest Country in The World

Now that life returned to normal, the pandemic has taught us to give, remain socially updated and extend help to the needful. Therefore, it is time to calculate how people worldwide will rank their lives; for this, the World Happiness Index Rank list 2023 for 146 countries is prepared.

Rank-Wise World Happiness Index List 2023

The rank-wise list of  countries of the top 100 ranks, along with their Happiness Index range, has been presented below:

World Happiness Index

Rank order Country Happiness Index Range 2023
1 Finland  



Between 7.842-7.069

2 Denmark
3 Switzerland
4 Iceland
5 Netherlands
6 Norway
7 Sweden
8 Luxembourg
9 New Zealand
10 Austria
11 Australia
12 Israel
13 Germany
14 Canada
15 Ireland
16 Costa Rica
17 United Kingdom
18 Czech Republic  















Between 6.965 and 6.012

19 United States
20 Belgium
21 France
22 Bahrain
23 Malta
24 Taiwan
25 UAE
26 Saudi Arabia
27 Spain
28 Italy
29 Slovenia
30 Guatemala
31 Uruguay
32 Singapore
33 Slovakia
34 Brazil
35 Mexico
36 Jamaica
37 Lithuania
38 Cyprus
39 Estonia
40 Panama
41 Uzbekistan
42 Chile
43 Poland
44 Kazakhstan
45 Romania
46 Kuwait
47 Serbia
48 El Salvador
49 Mauritius
50 Latvia
51 Colombia
52 Hungary  











Between 5.992 and5.025

53 Thailand
54 Nicaragua
55 Japan
57 Portugal
56 Argentina
58 Honduras
59 Croatia
60 Philippines
61 South Korea
62 Peru
63 Bosnia And Herzegovina
64 Moldova
65 Ecuador
66 Kyrgyzstan
67 Greece
68 Bolivia
69 Mongolia
70 Paraguay
71 Montenegro
72 Dominican Republic
73 Belarus
75 Hong Kong
74 Russia
76 Tajikistan
77 Vietnam
78 Libya
79 Malaysia
80 Indonesia
81 Republic of the Congo
82 China
83 Ivory Coast
84 Armenia
85 Nepal
86 Bulgaria
87 Maldives
88 Azerbaijan
89 Cameroon
90 Senegal
91 Albania
92 North Macedonia
93 Ghana
94 Niger
95 Turkmenistan
96 Gambia
97 Benin
98 Laos
99 Bangladesh
100 Guinea 4.984

Finland has topped the list and is regarded as the happiest country in the world. India has gained the rank of 136.

World Happiness Index Evaluation 2023

The Global Contentment Report is a measure of overall satisfaction, according to the World Happiness Index. The rankings are also based on publications about national happiness and reports of people’s evaluations of their personal lives. In contrast to other factors that affect the overall quality of life, the study. Based on variables such as GDP, life expectancy, and other measures of quality of life, it assigns rankings to 150 nations (and 146 in 2023). In 2023, the researchers have considered factors like how people of a country are coping with the post-COVID scenario and the scientific advancements made by the country to provide a sustainable future.

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World Happiness Index Highlights 2023

The World Happiness Index 2023 is an annual report released by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

The World Happiness Report has ranked Finland as the happiest country in the world for the fifth consecutive year.

The report mentioned that Russia has dropped in its ranking in the list this year, which shows decreased happiness.

The rating, which is in its eleventh year, determines a score between 0 and 10 using a mathematical formula and the average of data collected over three years.

Afghanistan has ranked last in the list of 146 countries, and this clearly shows that the country is facing a terrible year. It can also be observed from the Happiness Index score of the country, which is at 2.523.

World Happiness Index of India 2023

In the 2023 report, India has ranked 136th in terms of overall happiness. This year India secured a 3.819 Happiness Index for the population of 1,406,631,776 people. The 9th World Happiness Report’s rating of the world’s happiness categorisation for 156 nations in 2021 has placed India at 139th position. In the 2020 ranking, India was ranked 144. From India’s previous year’s rank graph, it can easily be observed that our nation is moving up the Global Happiness Index rankings.

Top 5 Countries of World Happiness Index 2023

1. Finland

The top-ranked nation for 2023, according to the Global Happiness Rank List, is Finland, which has held that spot for over ten years. The report states that Finland’s average life expectancy, i.e. the Happiness Index is 7.842 years out of a possible 10. According to the analyst’s reports and assertions, Finland responded forcefully to the COVID-19 period. The analysts further stated that the citizens of Finland are very responsive towards their civil duties and are very honest towards each other. There was little doubt among Finland citizens in their government’s honesty, and they held a firm conviction in their ability to make their own decisions.

2. Denmark

According to a global list of countries’ happiness in 2023, Denmark is ranked second.  It was further reported that Denmark citizens’ average life expectancy (Happiness Index) is 7.62 out of 10. According to the list, Denmark’s culture also makes it the second-ranked nation in the world. In Denmark, people have significant responsibility for one another’s welfare. Denmark citizens possess close relationships and contacts among the citizens inside the nation. These are the possible reasons for the good rank of the country in the list.

3. Switzerland

Switzerland has ranked third in the list, with a Happiness Index score of 7.571. The analysts have stated that the citizens of Switzerland have extraordinarily generous hearts and a deep understanding of the needs of others they come into contact with. This is one of the factors that contributed to this nation’s prosperity and third rank.

4. Iceland

Iceland has ranked fourth in the list, with a Happiness Index score of 7.554. Healthcare costs are higher than in other nations. Individuals in this nation are well-groomed and aware of one another’s feelings, so they can recognise happiness. Iceland has a more robust healthcare system than other nations. It was reported in the Happiness Index report that a significant portion of the nation’s population has access to high-quality medical facilities. This is the main reason the country secured the fourth position on the list.

World Happiness Index 2023

Smallest Country in the World

Largest Country in the World

Fastest Animal in the World

Richest Country in The World

5. Netherlands

According to a global list of countries’ happiness in 2023, the Netherlands has ranked fifth. It has secured a Happiness Index (the average life expectancy) of 7.464. The corruption-free government and charitable government policies are the main reasons that helped the country secure the fifth position in the Happiness Index list 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Happiness Index rank of India in 2023?

India has ranked 136 on the list of 146 countries. The rank in 2023 improved from the previous rank of 139 in 2021 and 144th in 2020.

Why does India have a low rank in the Happiness Index List 2023?

India is near the bottom of the list. Several variables contributing to the low rank have been covered on this page. You should know that India’s rising urbanisation, city congestion, environmental pollution, and other issues keep it from ranking higher.

Why Finland always succeeds in scoring the first rank?

There are various reasons which can be attributed to the first rank of Finland. Some of these are the country’s trust in the government and each other; and the country’s strong retaliation to COVID-19.

Why has Afghanistan ranked last in the Happiness Index 2023?

The ongoing humanitarian crisis brought on to the country due to the Taliban’s taking back power and laying several impositions on the lifestyle of citizens. Furthermore, the country’s residents are facing issues of unemployment and poverty. All these factors cause severe pressure on the mental health of citizens, thereby making them unhappy.

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