Richest Man in Italy 2023 Top 10 List, Net Worth, Business Model

Richest Man in Italy

Richest Man in Italy 2023 Top 10 List, Net Worth, Business Model: When we talk about Italy, the instant thought that comes to our mind is the famous architecture, Art, Art, food, and beautiful exotic locations of Rome and Vatican City. But having said all this, Italy is also home to the world’s richest people.

Richest Man in Italy 2023

Many of Italy’s billionaires have registered their names on the list of the World’s Richest men. So here in our post, we discuss the Richest Man in Italy, who, with their hard work and determination, has reached the Top 10 on our list. We also let you know the Net Worth and Business Model of these Business Tycoons. Hence if you are interested to know about the richest people in Italy, keep reading our post till the last paragraph.

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Italy is famous for its food and architecture mainly. The world is going crazy for Pizza and Pasta. Rome, Venice and Vatican City are renowned for their architecture. The country excels in all aspects of the arts. But one thing that was also taken into consideration when talking about Italy is that Italy is beautiful with the contribution of these billionaires to the economy of the country.

Richest Person in Italy 2023

These Billionaires comes from different background and is successful today in different fields. Some of them gained their wealth in fortune, while some worked hard to earn it. So if you are wondering about these business tycoons who have amassed people with their multi-billion fortune, then continue reading our article. We assure you that our article is worth taking inspiration from and will help you to adopt the strategies to achieve success in life.

Top 10 Richest Man in Italy 2023 List

So now, without any further delay, let’s get started the countdown with the Richest Man in Italy and then continue with the other name on the list.

1. Giovanni Ferrero

Net Worth: $36.2 billion

Business Model: Ferrero SpA

Richest Man in Italy

Giovanni Ferrero is an Italian Businessman and author. He is the grandson of Pietro Ferrero, who founded the giant confectionery company Ferrero SpA. He became the CEO of the company after his brother’s demise in 2011.

Giovanni is currently serving as the executive chairman of the company. Under his leadership, the company has grown significantly. As a result, Giovanni Ferrero has made it to the top position on the list of the Richest Man in Italy and the 28th richest man in the world.

Since his leadership in the country, Giovanni has added several Nestlle brands and also produces the Kinder range of products. The company’s secret cocoa hazelnut recipe, which the whole world now calls Nutella, is a key product of the company’s success.

Ferraro, the wealthiest man in Italy, is married to Paola Rossi and is blessed with two children. He currently lives in Brussels, Belgium.

2.  Leonardo Del Vecchio

Net Worth: US$24.1 billion

Business Model: Luxottica

Richest Man in Italy

The Italian businessman Leonardo Del Vecchio is the founder and chairman of Luxottica, the world’s largest company in the eyewear industry. Vecchio is the second richest man in Italy and the 54th in the world.

The company employs more than 77,734 employees across the world and has over 8000 stores. But unfortunately, he died recently on 27 June 2022 from Pneumonia. At the time of his demise, his net worth is estimated to be US$24.1 billion. His immense fortune is thus now transferred to his six children.

Leonardo Del Vecchio, unlike the other richest person in Italy, built his wealth with hard work and dedication. His childhood was spent in poverty, and at the age of seven, he was sent to an orphanage. He initially started as an apprentice to a tool and die maker in Milan and slowly moved towards a spectacle-making business and creating the now world’s biggest producer and retailer of glasses and frames, Luxottica.

3. Massimiliana Landini Aleotti

Net Worth: $7.1 billion

Business Model: Menarini

Richest Man in Italy

Massimiliana Landini Aleotti is an heiress to an Italian businessman Alberto Aleotti, who founded the pharmaceutical company Menarini in Tuscany, Italy. She inherited a multi-billion fortune in 2014 after her husband’s demise. She is among the Top 10 World’s Richest Women.

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Massimiliana Landini Aleotti is blessed with two children, a daughter named Lucia, serving as a chairman of Menarini and a son named Alberto Giovanni, the vice chairman of the company. Both of her children were charged with tax fraud and money laundering and also received a prison sentence of 10 and 7.5 years. Although later, it was announced by the court that the siblings were not charged with any malfeasance.

4. Giorgio Armani

Net Worth: US$9.53 billion

Business Model:  Armani

Richest Man in Italy

Georgia Armani is a single designer on the list of the Richest Man in Italy and also of the world’s richest men. Moreover, he is also the wealthiest LGBT person in the world. The Italian fashion designer gained popularity working for Cerruti and then with many other renowned brands like Bagutta, Allegri, and Hilton.

He founded Armani, a luxury fashion house, in 1975 and later expanded the business venture into sports, music, and luxury hotels. In 2001 Armani was recognised as the most successful designer in the world. Although the business tycoon was a bit of a private person, he is publically identified as bisexual. He was in a long relationship with fashion designer Sergio Galeotti, who died in 1985 due to cardiac arrest. Armani has also died recently, and we have no details of his billion-dollar fortune goes to whom.

5. Silvio Berlusconi and family

Net Worth: $7.1 billion

Business Model: Fininvest, Mediaset

Richest Man in Italy

The former Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, is among the most controversial and perplexing characters in the history of Italian politics. His billion-dollar fortune is built through his media conglomerate Fininvest. Berlusconi served as the Prime Minister of Italy from 1994-1995, 2001- 2006 and from 2008-2011.

The media tycoon is nicknamed Il Cavaliere (The Knight) for his Order of Merit for Labour. Famous magazine Forbes 2009 listed him as one of the World’s Most Powerful People due to his dominance in Italy’s politics for more than twenty years. In his long political career, Berlusconi has been embroiled in various corruption, blackmail, tax fraud and sex scandals resulting in his banning from running the political office in 2014.

6. Giuseppe De’Longhi and family

Net Worth: $6.4 billion

Business Model:  De’Longhi

Richest Man in Italy

Giuseppe De’Longhi is an Italian business conglomerate and the president of the small Italian appliances manufacturing company, De’Longhi. The businessman is married and is blessed with two children. Fabio De’ Longhi, one of the two children, is the CEO of De’Longhi. However, the company was originally formed in 1902 but established well in 1990, making its fortune by producing high-quality coffee machines, home appliances, heaters and air conditioners. Now the company is flourishing under the direction of the new CEO, Fabio De’ Longhi.

7. Sergio Stevanato & family

Net Worth: $6.1 billion

Business Model: Stevanato Group

Richest Man in Italy

Sergio Stevanato, the Italian entrepreneur, owns a medical packaging firm, Stevanato Group, based in Piombino Dese, Italy. The company was established by his father, Giovanni, in 1949. In the initial stages, the company made glass bottles for wine and perfume and now has become the second-largest maker and supplier of glass vials in the world. Also, the Stevanato Group is now the largest producer of insulin pen cartridges worldwide.

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8. Piero Ferrari

Net Worth: $4.6 billion

Business Model:  Ferrari automotive company, HPE COXA


Piero Lardi Ferrari, the Italian business tycoon, is a sports personality too. His father was an Italian motor racing driver and entrepreneur and the founder of the luxurious sports car company Ferrari. Now the company is driven by his second and only son Piero Lardi Ferrari. The entrepreneur currently owns 13.2 % stakes in the company building his net worth estimated to be US$4.6 billion.

Piero Ferrari could not be acknowledged as an heir to the Ferrari family as before 1975, divorce was illegal in Italy, and his mother Linda was the second love of his father, Enzo. So in 1990, he lawfully altered his name from Piero Lardi Ferrari to Piero Ferrari. Ferrari is now also the chairman of a provider of engineering services, HPE COXA.

9. Augusto and Giorgio Perfetti

Net Worth: $4.2 billion

Business Model: Perfetti Van Melle

Augusto and Giorgio Perfetti, the siblings, are the business tycoon and jointly owned a candy and gum giant, Perfetti Van Melle. The company was founded by their father, Ambrogio and uncle Egidio in 1946. Initially, the company dealt in the chewing gum business in a small town near Milan and later expanded to other products. Mentos and Airheads are the top-selling products of the venture now. In 2001, the company became the third-largest confectionery manufacturer in the world.

The siblings did not like the media attention and tended to keep their life away from the limelight. Moreover, the siblings maintain no involvement in the affairs of their businesses now and reside in Switzerland.

10. Patrizio Bertelli

Net Worth: $4 billion

Business Model: Prada Group

Patrizio Bertelli, with his spouse Miuccia Prada is running the handbag and fashion venture, Prada. Miuccia Prada’s grandfather established the company in 1913, and with his demise in 1977, the company was handover to her two granddaughters, Miuccia and Alberto. The same year Miuccia met Bertelli, who at that time owned the luxurious leather company and joined Prada after one year. The Prada epicentre is now located in different locations in the world, including New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo.

So now we are wrapping up our article. Let me know how you find our post in the comment section. And for more interesting facts and news, keep visiting our websites regularly.

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