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Waist Circumference: An Important Marker for Hypertension,2019;10(10):526-530

Author:Sanam Anwar, Hajir H Rashid, Ghadeer J Moslhey, Bushra Aleem

Keywords:Waist circumference, Systolic blood pressure, Overweight, Diastolic blood pressure

Type:Original Article

A Clinico-Epidemiological Profile of HIV Infected Children Attending ART Centre: A Hospital Based Study,2019;10(10):531-535

Author:Raghavendra Nagaraju, Rachgonda Gurupada Viveki

Keywords:HIV, Children, ART, Opportunistic infection, Clinical stage, CD4 count

Type:Original Article

Is Mental Health of College Students Affected By Internet- A Cross Sectional Study in Solapur City,2019;10(10):536-540

Author:Poonam Vijay Sancheti, Shubhalaxmi Devdatta Kotnis, Suresh Konappa Mangulikar

Keywords:internet, DASS21, depression, col-lege students

Type:Original Article

Knowledge of Hand Hygiene in Health Care Workers of a Tertiary Hospital in Navi Mumbai,2019;10(10):541-545

Author:Fazila N Patankar, Abhiram Behera

Keywords:Hand Hygiene, Health care work-ers, Health Care Associated infec-tion.

Type:Original Article

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Diarrhoea and Its Management among Mothers of Under Five Children at Uhtc Vijayapura: A Cross Sectional Study,2019;10(10):546-549

Author:Santosh D Patil, Ravindranath A Bhovi

Keywords:diarrhoea, Oral rehydration, home available fluids, Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice.

Type:Original Article

Gender Role Stereotyping & Masculinity Notions among School Going Adolescent in Western India – A Cross Sectional Study,2019;10(10):550-555

Author:Mohua Moitra, Shailee Vyas, Varsha Gupta, Rutu Buch

Keywords:Adolescent, gender stereotyping, masculinity, School.

Type:Original Article

Study of Hospitalized Under Five Children Presenting With Acute Diarrhoea,2019;10(10):556-561

Author:Kuldeep K Mitkari, Ranjit Mankeshwar, Santosh Haralkar

Keywords:Acute Diarrhoea, Under fives, Dehydration, Feeding Practices

Type:Original Article