All of Us are Dead Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Story, Poster, Trailer

All of Us are Dead Season 2 Release Date

The article is all about the South Korean horror series, “All of Us are Dead”. The Zombie series, with a high school twist on the genre, is grabbing attention widely. Hence considering your excitement for the film, our post has covered each and every possible piece of news about the series, which includes, All of Us are Dead Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Story, Poster, Trailer and way more interesting news. So keep scrolling down our article to get the latest updates.

All of Us are Dead Season 2

All of Us are Dead creator Lee Jae-kyoo, in a recent interview, said that he had purposefully made room in the show for a possible second season. He further said many scenes, directions and settings were purposefully made to expand the story for the next season. Hence it was pretty clear way before the new season would come.

Netflix Korea has recently officially disclosed that All of Us are Dead is renewed for a new season by revealing a poster and video of season 2 simultaneously to their official Instagram page. The video was released with the caption,” Can we survive again?

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All of Us are Dead Season 2 Release Date

The second story of Hyosan High School friends”. Although the official date to release season 2 will take some time as the filming and other important post-production activities have not commenced yet. If we estimate roughly, the new episodes will come by the end of 2023.

All of Us are Dead Season 2 Release Date

All of Us are Dead Overview

‘All of Us Are Dead’ is a South Korean Zombie apocalypse series originally created for Netflix. The horror series is based on the Naver webtoon of the same name by author Joo Dong-geun. The series centres around the students of a local High School who tries to overrun to save their lives from Zombies over burst after an unsuccessful science experiment.

They have to struggle hard to survive without necessary livelihoods like food, water, and no communication with the government. The series was released on January 28, 2022, and was watched over 474.26 million hours in its first month.

All of Us are Dead Season 2 Cast

Although we do not have the exact information about the cast, but to give you a general idea, we, as per our analysis, have included some names in our list which are surely going to be part of the new season. The last season’s survivors are sure to be seen in the upcoming season. These are On-jo (Park Ji-hu),  Dae-su (Im Jae-hyuk), Hyo-ryung (Kim Bo-yoon), Ha-ri (Ha Seung-ri), Su-hyeok (Park Solomon), and Mi-jin (Lee Eun-saem).

Other than the survivors, Cheong-san will sure to be back, considering Yoon Chan-young’s appearance disclosed in the announcement video. Another character who is definitely assumed to come back is Choi Nam-ra portrayed by Cho Yi-hyun.

 Season 2 Predicted Story

The Korean show is among the most thriving drama aired on Netflix after Squid Game. It has taken the world by storm. The excitement of the fans since the announcement of the new season led the fans to discuss the storyline. The audiences are keen to know what will happen next in the renewed season.

The last season ended with nearly everyone dead. The city of Hyosan is almost free from Zombie attacks, as many of them are destroyed by the Korean military bombing. The possible storyline is that the Zombie outbreak could resurface as only one zombie can ruin everything all over again. The series creator Lee Jae-kyoo has also made various changes to the webtoon; hence it became hard to predict the story and plot of the new season.

All of Us are Dead Season 2 Poster

The streaming partner Netflix has announced the renewal of All of Us are Dead Season 2 by releasing a poster and a video. Looking at the poster, the curiosity among the fans is rising higher to watch the show’s new edition. The poster looks great and is surely creating great publicity for the show. You can watch the poster on Netflix.

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All of Us are Dead Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of the new show has not been released by Netflix so far. However, a short video confirming the renewal of the new season is released by the network on their official Instagram page. If you wish, you can watch it on Netflix. We will avail you of the trailer on our website after its release.

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