KGF 3 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, Shooting, Budget, Director


KGF 3 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, Shooting, Budget, Director name and details can be checked from our website. Kolar Gold Fields, or KGF, is an Indian movie franchise primarily made in the Kannada language. It is a period-action film series. The movie is originaly made in Kannada language and dubbed in Hindi, Telgu, Malayalam, and tamil languages. Series has released its 2 instalments: KGF 1 in 2018 and KGF 2 in 2022, both of which were the biggest hits when released.

KGF 3 Release date

The series is produced under the banner of Homable Films; the producer of the series is Vijay Kirandur, and the Director of both movies is Prashanth Neel. It is regarded as the biggest-budget movie series in the Kannada film industry. KGF 2 did a business of around 1,200–1,250 crore, making it the second biggest hit of the year for Indian movies; and the fourth biggest movie in Indian cinemas history till now.

The movie series focuses on Rocky’s life and achievements, and enmity. The third instalment of the movie KGF chapter 3 will be launched. The tension that Rocky began will continue in Part 3 of KGF, which looks to be an exciting chapter. Curiosity abounds about Rocky’s state of health. The story of the KG will be concluded in the last episode, KGF 3. In this article, various details regarding KGF 3 shall be provided.


KGF 3 Shooting

Since the release of KGF 2, fans are eagerly waiting for the third part of the movie. This is due to its ability to keep the audience hooked to their seats throughout the movie. The powerful performances of both the superstars Yash and Sanjay Dutt have astounded everyone. Thus the movie was loved by all, and therefore the audience eagerly awaits the release of the third part, so they can see them again. The movie’s shooting is expected to begin soon in the coming months. The movie’s trailer is scheduled to be released by July to maintain the audience’s curiosity.  

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KGF 3 Release Date

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The release date of the movie has not been confirmed. The movie is scheduled to come out in 2024, according to Vijay. The shooting portion is anticipated to be finished in 2023, but post-production will take a little longer this time. The team will be under strain because of the audience’s high expectations and the tremendous success of the previous two parts.

KGF 3 Budget

With a hefty budget of 1000 crore rupees, The Hombale Production House and Vijay Kiragandur will collaborate to produce KGF Chapter 3. Although production on KGF Chapter 3 will soon begin, our ancestors say that the writer and Director of KGF are currently engaged in other endeavours.

KGF 1 was made with 80 crore rupees, while the KGF 2 was made with 100 crore rupees. Due to the KGF series’s huge success, KGF 3 will be made with 1000 crore rupees.

KGF 3 Storyline

There is a lot of rumour floating around regarding KGF 3’s plot. The suspenseful scenario of whether or not Rockey, the main character played by Yash, is dead is how the film concludes. The third part, however, is rumoured to focus on the Rockey’s past. As a result, the third instalment will likely have a prequel story. The Director seemed to have different ideas, though. Producer Vijay stated, “We want to produce something big this time,” in one of his interviews with a news channel. A Marvel-style universe will be created by us. After considering it, we realised we might have borrowed some characters from various films, like Doctor Strange and Spider-Man: Homecoming. More people will watch it. According to this assertion, KGF 3 will be an exciting event, and this time we’ll get to watch a lot of well-known actors.

But it can be expected that the plot will be around the vengeance that Rocky’s Opponents want and the determination of the government to overthrow him. The authorities believe him to be the biggest threat to Indian Law and order, and thus it is expected that the 3rd chapter will showcase Rocky’s fight to save his unmatched dominion. The movie is also likely to show the past life of Rocky.

KGF 3 Starcast and Director

The star cast of KGF chapter 3 has been released. Following is the list of characters, along with the names of the actors.

Characters Name

Actors Played

Raja Rocky Krishnappa Bhairya


Young Rocky

Anmol Vijay

Ramika Sen (Indian Prime Minister)

Raveena Tandon


Ramachandar Raju

Deepa Hegde (News Channel Interviewer)

Malavika Rao


Sanjay Dutt

Reena Desai

Srinidhi Shetty

Character not revealed

Eswari Rao

Kanneganti Raghavan (CBI Officer)

Rao Ramesh

Anand Ingalagi

Anant Nag

News Channel Owner

T.S. Nagabharana

Guru Pandian

Achyuth Kumar

Reena Desai

Srinidhi Shetty

Vijayendra Ingalagi

Prakash Raj


B. Suresh


Saran Shakti

Rocky’s Mother

Archana Joys


Vasishta N. Simha


Appaji Ambarisha Darbar

The Director of KGF 3 will be Prashanth Neel, as this can be believed owing to its association with two chapters of KGF. However, the Director is busy with his two upcoming movies Saalar (Starring Prabhas and Shruti Hassan) and Jr. NTR’s NTR 31.

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However, he has said through a blog post that he will dedicate himself fully to making KGF 3 once he completes the other two projects. Therefore, it can also be assumed that fans might have to wait till the end of 2024 or early 2025 for the movie to be released in theatres.

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Frequently asked questions?

When is KGF 3 going to be released?

It is expected to release between 2024-25.

Will Reena Desai be a part of KGF 3?

Reena Desai dies in KGF 2. However, she is expected to have a short role in the movie.

Will Sanjay Dutt be a part of KGF 3?

Owing to his power-pack performance in the movie KGF 2 and his strong character, it is safe to say that he will be part of KGF 3. 

Is Rocky alive in KGF 3?

It is not confirmed as of now.

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