Inside Job Season 2 Coming or Not? Release Date, Cast

Inside Job Season 2

Inside Job Season 2 Coming or Not? Release Date, Cast: In this article, learn about the present status of Season 2 of the series. Although Season 2 was cancelled earlier, yet there are some speculations that the series might return with Season 2. Read the complete article to know whether Inside Job Season 2 Coming or Not. Additional details on the Inside Job Season 2 are also provided in the article.

Inside Job Season 2 Coming or Not?

One of the most beloved science-fiction animated series on Netflix, Inside Job, hit the screens in 2021. the series managed to gain huge appreciation from the audience right after its release. The show was renewed for the second season in June 2022, but Inside Job Season 2 was cancelled in January 2023, before its release. Currently, we have 18 episodes of the series available on Netflix. Netflix cancelled the show, and the creator made the announcement of the show. Therefore, we know that currently, the show has not been renewed for Season 2.

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We know that the show was loved by the audiences a lot,  and hence they are awaiting the confirmation of Inside Job Season 2. Inside Job fans can check this page to get all the pertinent details on the release, cast, story, and trailer of the series.

Inside Job Season 2

Inside Job Season 2 Release Date

Since the show has not been confirmed officially, therefore, we cannot provide the release date for Season 2 as of now. But we can predict that even if Season 2 comes on the cards, then also it might not get released before 2024. After the confirmation, the production and post-production phases will take time. Therefore we suggest that fans should patiently wait for the release of Inside Job. Also, fans should keep watching Season 1 on Netflix, as it will increase the viewership of the series and thereby increase tey chances of renewal of the series.

Inside Job 2 Cast

Since Inside Job Season 2 is not confirmed, therefore the season 2 cast has not yet received an official announcement. However, we can assume that Season 2 will feature the essential characters of the first season of Inside Job. We expect the following characters to join the season 2 cast based on the casts of past seasons. Look at the table below, and know which of your favourite characters might return.

Actor Character Played
Lizzy Caplan Reagan Ridley
Christian Slater Randy Ridley
Brett Gelman Myc Celium
Clark Duke Brett Hand.
Tisha Campbell Gigi Thompson
Andy Daly J.R. Scheimpough
Andrew Daly J.R.Scheimpough
Chris Diamantopoulos Robotus
Adam Scott Ron Staedtler
John DiMaggio Glenn Dolphman
Bobby Lee Dr. Andre
Ron Funches Elliot Mothman

Readers must note that this list is based on assumptions and our understanding of the series. Makers may include or drop some of the characters. We might get to see some new faces as per the demand of the screenplay of Season 2.

Inside Job Season 2 Story

For his crimes against the shadows, J.R., the CEO of Cognito, was imprisoned in season 1, leaving the position open. Rand Ridley is notified that she won’t be filling the position but will lead as the majority of stockholders, but it’s yet unclear who will do so.

Netflix has not provided any updates on the Inside Job season 2 plot, and season 2 has not yet received an official renewal. However, depending on how season one of Inside Job ended, those who have watched that season may have a general notion of or be able to predict what the plot of season two will be.

Inside Job Season 2 Trailer

For Season 2 of Inside Job, there isn’t a trailer yet. Further, we would also like to inform you that the trailer will be released only after the completion of the shooting of Season 2. Therefore, we will have to wait for the trailer. Also, as per a general trend, the trailer for a series is released one month before the release of the series. Though we will continue to keep you informed of any new details regarding the upcoming season, be sure to check back frequently on our page.

Inside Job 2 Episodes

The Season 1 of Inside Job was released in two parts, and a total of 18 episodes were released. The first part of the series, which had ten episodes, was released in October 202. While the second part of the series, which had eight episodes, was released in November 2022. All the episodes were of around 26-31 minutes in duration.

Now for Season 2, the makers had previously announced 20 episodes. Therefore, we can assume that if the series returns, it will have 20 episodes of 26-31 minutes duration. Further, we believe that it might also get released in two parts. But we have to wait for confirmation from the makers.

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Inside Job Series Reviews

The American adult sci-fi series, which Takeuchi streams on Netflix created. Chantal Hennessey produces the show under the banner of Taco Gucci and Netflix Animation production companies. The show has received immense appreciation from the audience. Therefore, it was renewed for the second season right after its release but got cancelled by Netflix.

Name Of The Show Inside Job
Number of Seasons Season 1 (Released)

Season 2 (Cancelled as of now)

Genre Workplace comedy

Science fiction

Paranoid fiction

Animated sitcom

Adult animation

Inside Job Season 1 Release Date October 22, 2021
Inside Job Season 2 Release Date Not known yet.
Total No. of episodes released 18
Producer Chantal Hennessey

Alex Hirsch

Shion Takeuchi

Mike Hollingsworth

Production House Taco Gucci

Netflix Animation

Creator Shion Takeuchi
Available on platform Netflix
Opening theme Composers Matthew Bronson

Robert Bolton

Mischa Chillak

The Season 1 of Inside Job showed remarkable performance and managed to gain an aggregate individual audience rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars. At the same time, the IMDb rating of the movie is 7.7 out of 10 stars, and Rotten Tomatoes provided an overall audience rating of 79%. Such awful ratings show that the series has managed to win the hearts of both audience and critics. The show’s store depiction and intensity of the performance of characters were very well appreciated.

Therefore, the cancellation of Season 2 came as a shock to many fans of Inside Job. Fans are still hoping that Netflix reverses its decision and renews the series. We also hope for the same.

You can watch Inside Job Season 1 on Netflix. Click Here to watch the series.

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