Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date, Story, Cast, Budget, Trailer

Sweet Home Season 2

Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date, Story, Cast, Budget, Trailer: Check this article for the complete details on the horror series Sweet Home Season 2. On this page, we are dedicated to answering all your queries related to Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date, Story, Cast, Budget, and Trailer.

Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date

The apocalyptic horror series Sweet Home is based on the webcomic of the same name, and the show is produced by Jinnie Choi for Netflix. The South Korean Horror web series is all set to return with its second season. The filming and post-production details of the series have been completed. Further, the third season of the series is also under production. However, the makers of the show have not revealed the exact date on which they plan to release the new season. But they have informed us that Season 2 will drop in the fourth quarter of 2023, which means in late 2023. The series’ first season was released in 2020, and the series will return after a gap of three seasons.

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The fans of K-drama are highly excited about the new season of the series. We understand that the fans are eager to hear about the details of one of the most-awaited K-drama series. So, here we are with all the information that you might want to know and elevate your excitement for the series. So stay connected with us on this page.

Sweet Home Season 2

Sweet Home Season 2 Story

What will be the plot of the upcoming season is still uncertain. However, it is known that Cha Hyun-soo moves into an apartment and leaves his house following an unanticipated family tragedy. Shortly later, monsters begin to emerge. The tenants of the flat realise there are monsters outside while they are confined within the building. The other occupants of the building, including Hyun-su, defend themselves in an effort to prolong their lives.

We also think it’s safe to presume that the following season will pick up where the prior one left off. There have been numerous hints dropped by the cast and crew. When the show was initially renewed, Netflix said: “In these new seasons, Sweet Home will take on a larger scale with an expanded storyline and cast,” according to THR. Additionally, according to the director, season 2 will have “a new setting.”

Sweet Home Season 2 Cast

The makers of the series have released the complete cast details for both the upcoming seasons of Sweet Home. In the table below, we have provided the list of the cast along with their character names in the series.

Actors Character Played
Song Kang Cha Hyun-soo
Lee Eugene Young Pyeon Sang-wook
Go Min-si Lee Eun-yoo
Lee Si-young Seo Yi-kyung
Kim Mu-yeol Kim Young-hoo
Lee Jin-wook Pyeon Sang-wook
Park Gyu-young Yoon Ji-soo
Oh Jung-se Dr. Lim
Jung Jin-young Park Chan-young
Yu Oh-seong Sergeant Tak In-hwan
Yook Jun-seo
Kim Shin-rok
Chae Won-bin Ja-young
Kim Jung-woo

Kim Nam-hee, Lee Do-hyun, Kim Kap-soo, and Dane DiLiegro plays the central role in the series, and they have been retained in both seasons of the Sweet Howm series. Some new inclusions are made in Season 2, some of which are Yu Oh-Seong, Jung Jin-young, and Oh Jung-Se. We hope to see similar outstanding performances in Sweet Home Season 2 as was in Season 1.

Sweet Home Season 2 Budget

$27 million was spent on Sweet Home. It should come as no surprise that Netflix spent a lot of money making Sweet Home. With each episode costing $2.7 million, the show’s detailing of the monster episodes consumed most of its money. Contortionist Troy James and choreographer Kim Seol-jin did the motion capture of the monsters’ motions.

Therefore, we know some best actors and choreographers are employed in the movie, and hence the budget for the series has a significant portion as their fees. Nevertheless, we expect that such a high-budget series will have excellent visual quality and be a delight to watch. This has increased our excitement for the series.

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Sweet Home Season 2 Trailer

Sweet Home Season 2’s trailer has not yet been made public. The series has finished filming and is now in the post-production stage. Therefore, we can expect the trailer to drop in anytime soon. The trailer will be released on Netflix and the YouTube channel of Netflix. Also, we will provide the trailer on our page after the makers release it.

All this information about the Sweet Home Season 2 has elevated our hopes and expectations for the Sweet Home Season 2 release. And we know the case is the same with you as well. Until the release of the second season, you might binge-watch the previous seasons on the Netflix app.

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