Virgin River Season 5 Release Date, Poster, Cast, Episodes, Trailer

Virgin River Season 5

Virgin River Season 5 Release Date, Poster, Cast, Episodes, Trailer: The American web series Virgin River season 5 is expected to release by mid-2023.  Check the article for complete details of Virgin River Season 5, its Release Date, Poster, Cast, Episodes, and Trailer.

Virgin River Season 5

Virgin River is a web series of the romantic drama genre which streams on Netflix. It is an American show based on Virgin River novels and produced by Reel World Management. The first season of the series was released in 2020, and the fourth season was released in 2022.

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The announcement of Virgin River Season 5 was made with the climax of the fourth season. It has also been informed from the social media posts of the actors that season 5’s shooting has been completed. The series was received well by the audience and the critics as well.

Virgin River Season 5 Release Date

The show received an IMDb rating of 7.4 stars out of 10. The audience rating of the show stands at 4.5 out of 5 stars. The audience appreciated the chemistry between the lead characters. Melinda “Mel” Monroe is the main character of Virgin River. This story follows her as she accepts a job offer to work as a midwife and nurse practitioner in the small town of Virgin River in Northern California.

She believes it will be the ideal place to start over and put her traumatic past behind her. Yet she quickly learns that small-town life is more complicated than she initially thought. Virgin River Season 5 will take the story of the series forward. In this article, we will provide detailed updates on Virgin River Season 5.

Virgin River Season 5

Virgin River 5 Release Date

The makers officially announced the Virgin River season 5 after the completion of Season 3 in July 2021. Season 4 of the series was completed in July 2022, and now the fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the fifth season. Neither the makers of the show nor Netflix has officially announced the release date of the show.

However, several reports have suggested that the show will get released by mid-2023. Seasons 3 and 4 were released in July, and since the shooting of the fifth season is completed, therefore, it is expected that Season 5 will also release by July 2023. Like the previous four seasons, Virgin River 5 will also be released on Netflix.

Virgin River Season 5 Poster

The shooting of Season 5 has been completed. The series is in its developmental phase. The poster of the series has not been released yet. But we can expect the poster to be released in the upcoming weeks. We will update the poster-related information as soon as it gets released.

Virgin River Season 5 Cast

Virgin River 5 is the sequel to previous seasons of the show. Therefore, the main cast of the show will reprise their roles in the new sequel of the series. Also, some new characters might join the cast of the show. The expected list of the characters in the show is provided below:

Actors Character Played
Annette O’Toole Hope McCrea
Martin Henderson Jack Sheridan,
Colin Lawrence John “Preacher” Middleton
Alexandra Breckenridge Melinda “Mel”
Sarah Dugdale Lizzie
Lauren Hammersley Charmaine Roberts
Tim Matheson Vernon “Doc” Mullins
Benjamin Hollingsworth Dan Brady
Marco Grazzini Mike Valenzuela
Grayson Gurnsey Ricky
Zibby Allen Brie Sheridan
Kai Bradbury Denny Cutler
Mark Ghanimé Dr Cameron Hayek
Jenny Cooper Joey Barnes

The list of characters mentioned above is not final, and some new characters might join the cast of the new season. The estimated budget for Virgin River Season 5 is $60 million.

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Virgin River 5 Episodes

Virgin River Season 1 was released in December 2019. Since then, three new seasons of the show have been released in 2020, 2021, and 2022 respectively. The show has released a total of 42 episodes as of now. Each episode of the series is around 40-48 minutes.

Season No. of episodes Release date
1 Episodes 1-10 December 6, 2019
2 Episodes 1-10 November 27, 2020
3 Episodes 1-10 July 9, 2021
4 Episodes 1-12 July 20, 2022

The first three seasons of the show had ten episodes each, while the fourth season had 12 episodes.  Therefore, we can also expect that Virgin River 5 will also have around 10-12 episodes. Each episode of the season might also be 40-48 minutes in duration.

Virgin River Season 5 Trailer

Beginning on July 18, 2022, and ending on November 30, 2022, was the production schedule for Season 5. The creators of the show Virgin River Season 5 Release Date officially began this season by posting a picture on Instagram.

The Virgin River Season 5 trailer has not yet been released, despite the fact that the series production is still ongoing. As production is over, the series is anticipated to be released in July 2023. As a result, we may anticipate the trailer’s debut in a few weeks.

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Virgin River Overview

According to the Virgin River Season Five release date, Netflix will again be the OTT outlet, as it has been for all previous seasons. Notably, Season 5’s filming commenced on July 18, 2022, and it ran through November 30, 2022. The complete production details of the Virgin River Season 5 are provided below:

Name Of The Show Virgin River
Number of Seasons Season 1-4 (Released)

Season 5 (Announced)

Genre Romantic drama
Virgin River Season 1 Release Date December 6, 2019
Virgin River Season 4 Release Date July 20, 2022
Virgin River Season 5 Release Date July 2023 (Expected)
Total No. of episodes released 42
Producer Ian Hay

Roma Roth

Sally Dixon

Jocelyn Freid

Robyn Carr

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Creator Sue Tenney
Available on platform Netflix
Opening theme Composer Jeff Garber

There’s sadly not much chance we’ll see any season five footage very soon, given that filming has only just begun. According to our best guess, Virgin River’s fifth season will lead you through a different entertaining romance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When and where can I watch Virgin River 5?

Virgin River 5 is a Netflix-owned web series. Therefore, it will be available only on Netflix. The show is expected to release by mid-2023.

Who is the director of the Virgin River series?

Martin Wood directs the Virgin River series.

When will the Virgin River 5 trailer be released?

The Virgin River Season 5 trailer is expected to release in 1-2 months.

Has the filming of season 5 been completed?

Yes, Virgin River 5’s filming is finished, and the show is now in the post-production stage.

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32 responses to “Virgin River Season 5 Release Date, Poster, Cast, Episodes, Trailer”

  1. Cynthia Hill Avatar
    Cynthia Hill

    We Love this show! Everyone we have told about it also have loved it and have binge watched all the seasons.

    1. Mary Gulliford Avatar
      Mary Gulliford

      Hi Cynthia, I too binge watch Virgin River, can’t watch it enough. its my go-to comfort zone. I sincerely hope we get more series xxx

      1. GLORIA SMITH Avatar

        Omgoodness, I love Virgin River so much! My niece told me about it and I started watching it and couldn’t stop! The actors (love them all, but of course Jack & Mel are my favorites) the gorgeous scenery and no trash talking! Just a clean decent love story! Very excited about season 5!!

    2. Angie Avatar

      Yes I’ve loved every episode since the beginning of the series!! Keep writing more episodes please! It’s the best series I’ve seen on NETFLIX! 👍

  2. Lynne A Bell Avatar
    Lynne A Bell

    I love this show, I’ve never been as impressed with a cast or a writer as I am with this series,PLEASE don’t run out of thing’s to continue this series!

  3. David Avatar

    Can’t wait for series 5 what about heartland as well is there a release date for this

    1. Karol Avatar

      Once I started watching virgin river I couldn’t stop I had to watch season after season until I was finished with the last episode of season four straight of the best shows I have ever watched.

  4. Renita Donald Avatar
    Renita Donald

    I was told to watch this show and I couldn’t stop watching until the very end. I wished they’d show more then I heard they were doing a season 5 and I was very excited and can’t wait until it airs on Netflix this summer.

  5. Leanne Sheridan Avatar
    Leanne Sheridan

    love this show right from the start, I told my girlfriend to watch it and she’s as excited as I for season 5,all the actors are just fabulous and who every got this wrote up wow your amazing keep it coming I totally love this show im disable and don’t go out much this show keeps me going, thank you all for all the hard time and effort put in your all bloody awsome.

  6. Edith Fraser Avatar
    Edith Fraser

    have watched this 3 times each time getting more engrossed in it can’t wait for series 5 (wishing my life away)

  7. SHEILA Avatar

    I found Virgin River quite by accident. Binged thru all 4 series loved the series. Patiently waiting Series 5.

  8. Karen A Link Avatar
    Karen A Link

    I’m an avid Fan of Virgin River. Is nice to watch a series that doesn’t consist of violence which surrounds us in our world and everyday Life. Is Nice to take a Time out from Reality.

  9. Mona johansson. Avatar
    Mona johansson.

    bästa serien utländska jag sett. vänta på säsong 5.

  10. Belle Brown Avatar
    Belle Brown


  11. Benny Baez Avatar
    Benny Baez

    I found this series one night and I was hooked. The location is beautiful and I find myself transformed into this piece of the world that is home to my soul. The story is captivating and I love all the actors in this store. Hope is my favorite with Doc. Mel and Jack is a love story of real struggles. Preacher always doing the right thing ever when he is in harms way. I can go on and on. Thanks to cast and crew for this show. Truly enjoying it.

  12. KATHY Avatar

    I have watched all of Virgin River and loved it. But when I heard they are going to have gays and ect on there, that ended me watching it. why can’t we have clean shows to watch? it goes against MY RIGHTS to have them on shows ect!!

    1. Sophia Avatar

      oh yes this is my favorite of all time I watch it over and over, virgin rivers makes me happy ….❤️❤️ same sentiment Baez.

  13. Kate RAFFERTY Avatar

    looking forward to series 5. A great show with awesome actors 😁

  14. Judy Avatar

    After reading the series , was so nice to put face to characters. Just can’t wait.

  15. Denise C. Avatar
    Denise C.

    I’m watching the series for the second time… I’m totally hooked! I’m also re reading the book siri’s…lol

  16. Debra P Avatar
    Debra P

    I cannot wait to see who the father is of Chatmin twins. love this show, and my husband does as well.

    1. Judsy Avatar

      i think its Preacher, that’s why Charmaine had to tell Jack they weren’t his before they were born.

  17. Lorraine Dodd Avatar
    Lorraine Dodd

    Cant wait for the next new episodes fir 2023.
    I watched Virgin River twice and i so want to know who is the father of Charmaine’s twins.

    Virgin River is beautiful drama series – the location and the people such as Jack, Mel and Preacher is the ‘icing on the cake’ so to speak.

  18. Paula Avatar

    Love it so much!!! I cannot wait for season 5 and hope there are many more

  19. Carolyn Hinrichs Avatar
    Carolyn Hinrichs

    Please keep it the wholesome entertainment that it is.

    Thank you!!

  20. Debra Howard Avatar
    Debra Howard

    I watched from the very beginning and have not missed one show! Very well written and powerful performances by all! I’m praying it continues to be be free of LGBT. The show is too good to attach itself to that platform. WE need clean family entertainment!

  21. VickiLynn Lauer Avatar
    VickiLynn Lauer

    My favorite show of all time! Transports me to a place I wish I could be part of. Looking extremely forward to Season 5! Can’t get here soon enough for me!!

  22. Sandy M. Avatar
    Sandy M.

    I watch this show over and over, well over 100 times and counting. I love it and am patiently waiting for season 5. I think all of the actors are great! Please keep the show running it’s too good to not. I can do without the horror, the super natural, the Sci fi and the reality crap.

  23. Cathie H. Avatar
    Cathie H.

    Thoroughly enjoy this show. Believable, realistic characters. Good story lines to keep the interest high. Looking forward to series 5 and more.🙂

  24. Sandy Avatar

    we are not great on watching movies, but we love watching Virgin River.

  25. Vírginia K Avatar
    Vírginia K

    I found the series by accident and I just loved it. I told all my friends and they just loved it also I’ve watched all 4 series twice and can’t wait for the 5th I’m in love with Jack what a perfect man!

  26. Sonya White Avatar
    Sonya White

    Absolutely love Virgin River, I have told so many of my friends about it and all of them have loved it.
    Can’t wait for the new series to start.

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