Amritpal Singh Biography, Age, Height, Education, Family, Agenda, Image

Amritpal Singh

Amritpal Singh Biography, Age, Height, Education, Family, Agenda, Image, and Relationship with Khalistan agenda is discussed here. Amritpal Singh, a young Punjabi Sikh man, is recognized for his membership in the Waris Punjab De gang and his activism for social causes.

Who is Amritpal Singh

Along with being a preacher of Sikhism, he is also known as Waris Punjab De, as he assumed the leadership of the Waris Punjab De gang after Deep Sidhu’s demise. Not affiliated with any political party, Singh is a courageous and autonomous Punjabi leader of the Waris Punjab De organization.

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Besides his involvement in activism, Amritpal Singh is a reputable businessman and worker in Dubai. During the Farmer Protests, he met Deep Sidhu online and remained in contact with him. Continue reading to learn more about Amritpal Singh Biography.

Amritpal Singh Biography

The sudden demise of Deep Sidhu in a road accident has stunned people. Amritpal Singh’s arrest has captured the headlines, and people are curious about him. Our research and reports have gathered information regarding Amritpal Singh’s biography. Amritpal Singh comes from Jallupur Khera, a village in the Amritsar district.

Amritpal Singh

He was born on January 18, 1993. After completing his 10th standard in 2012, he traveled to Dubai for work and recently returned to Punjab, India. Amritpal Singh is now the leader of the Khalistan-supported organization “Waris Punjab De,” which was led by Deep Sidhu. During the farmer’s protest, he got charged with violence at the Red Fort.

Amritpal Singh Age

Amritpal Singh was born in Amritsar, Punjab, India, on January 18, 1993. He will be 30 years old in 2023.

Amritpal Singh Height

  • Height (approx.): 5′ 11″
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Dark Brown

Amritpal Singh Education

After completing his tenth-grade education, Amritpal registered in a polytechnic program in Kapurthala, Punjab. However, he could not finish the program and traveled to Dubai to work in his family-owned transportation business.

Amritpal Singh Family

He is renowned as the leader of “Waris Punjab De,” an association that fights for social justice and preserving Punjab’s rights and culture. He comes from Jallupur Khera village in Amritsar, where his family resides. Amritpal Singh is from a Sikh family with two sisters and an elder brother. His father’s name is Tarsem Singh, and his mother is Balwinder Kaur.

In February, he tied the knot with Kirandeep Kaur in Jallupur Khera, Amritsar, Punjab. While in Dubai, he managed his family’s transportation business. After his return to India, he became involved in “Waris Punjab De,” an organization initiated by Punjabi singer Deep Sidhu to combat social justice and the rights of Punjab.

Amritpal Singh News

Amritpal Singh is the leader of “Waris Punjab De,” an institution supported by Khalistan and initiated by Deep Sidhu. He also leads the “Amrit Sanchar Abhiyan,” which promotes Sikhism. His first Amrit campaign was in Sriganganagar, Rajasthan. Amritpal Singh is a self-demonstrate Khalistani supporter who advocates for a separate Sikh state and makes provocative statements about it publicly.

Recently, Amritpal Singh challenged the central government over raids on his supporters and stated that he is willing to disclose his location if the government wants to arrest him. Reports indicate that Amritpal Singh got arrested, and the Punjab government has suspended internet services to prevent him from receiving support from his followers.

Amritpal’s Background

In 2022, Amritpal Singh joined the organization “Waris Punjab De,” which Deep Sidhu created to promote social justice. Amritpal Singh is now the leader of the organization and makes all decisions. Following Deep Sidhu’s death, he took over the organization as its chief leader. Although Amritpal Singh never met Deep Sidhu in person, he connected with him through social media.

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However, Mandeep Sidhu, Deep Sidhu’s brother, claimed that Amritpal entered the organization illegally and took over its leadership. According to Mandeep Sidhu, Deep Sidhu did not like Amritpal and had even blocked his phone number.

On February 23, Lovepreet Toofan was stopped at the Ajnala police station, and the followers of Waris Punjab De struck the station. Amritpal Singh also went to the police station and gave the police a request to release Lovepreet Toofan. He was charged with seriously injuring someone.

Amritpal’s Net Worth

Amritpal Singh Sandhu, a Dubai-based businessman, returned to India in 2022 after running his family’s transport business in Dubai. His net worth is in the millions due to his successful business ventures.

Amritpal Singh is currently the second chief head of “Waris Punjab De,” an association formed by Deep Sidhu that advocates for social justice and preserving Punjab’s rights and culture. He is popular for his strong stand on social justice issues and encourages others to join him in taking a stand.

Amritpal Singh has led several successful campaigns, including the “Amrit Campaign,” which saw 1,027 Sikhs and Hindus all over India drink Amrit and become Khalsa Sikhs.

He has also launched an anti-drug campaign to combat drug addiction among Punjab’s youth, resulting in 754 men recovering from addiction. Despite his success and support, critics claim he has illegally taken over the leadership of “Waris Punjab De” from Deep Sidhu. Regardless, Amritpal Singh works tirelessly to improve Punjab and its people.

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