White Lotus Season 3 Release Date, Story, Cast, Trailer, Budget

White Lotus Season 3 Release Date

Since the White Lotus season 2 has ended, fans are immediately looking ahead to the new season to watch more episodes of the show. You must be happy to read that it is confirmed that White Lotus Season 3 will come. So if you want to know more happenings of the TV series, please stick to your devices and do not go anywhere else. Doing so will miss you to know the interest g details about White Lotus Season 3 Release Date, Story, Cast, Trailer, Budget and much more.

White Lotus Season 3 Release Date

The American black comedy-drama, White Lotus, created by Mike White, has been receiving positive reviews from the audience since its commencement. The popularity of the show has been estimated by the fact that the series was among the top ten best programmes of 2021-22 on the American Film Institute. So far, two seasons of the anthology series have premiered, and the third one is on the way. The first and second seasons are set in Hawaii and Sicily. The TV series follows the visitors and workers of the fictitious White Lotus Resort chain.

For the fans, the good news is that it is guaranteed that White Lotus Season 3 will come. The creator of the series revealed that the series is renewed for its third season but did not reveal the actual release date. Also, the streaming partner HBO officially announced with a tweet on 18th November about the sure coming of season 3. From the sources, we also got to know that presently the show is under production.

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White Lotus Season 3 Potential Set

Having said you might now be thinking of the White Lotus Season 3 location this time. We have also got some news related to this.  A close friend of Mike, in a recent interview, shows some hints about the shooting destination of the renewal show. He said that he and Mike had been together in Tokyo. The statement sparks the rumour of The White Lotus Season 3 set.

A recent report said that season 3 would be set at an exotic location and one of the luxury hotel giant’s four properties in Thailand. These are located in Bangkok, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, and the Golden Triangle.

White Lotus Season 3 Projected Story

If you have watched the second season, the story was set at a fictional White Lotus Resort in Sicily, Italy. The whole new group of visitors and the employees working in the resort are much like the first season. As the story continues, problems begin to start between the guests and by the end of the second season, a dead body is also discovered in the resort, giving rise to new predictions in the story.

If believing the rumours, this time, the story is set in Tokyo. The rising disputes among the visitors and in between the dead body have also been discovered that might get connected to each other in the new season. Nevertheless, the filming of the comedy-drama series is going on, and a promising storyline and plot are required to meet the high expectations of its audience.

White Lotus Season 3 Release Date

White Lotus Season 3 Anticipated Cast

Although the series did not reprise its cast members, a few names are the exception to the case. Tanya and Greg from season 1 have also performed in season 2. So we can expect that maybe a few cast members will reprise their roles in season 3. So we have prepared a long list of the cast members that will potentially be part of the renewal season.

  • Greg Hunt, Tanya’s husband
  • Daphne and Cameron Sullivan
  • Abby Di Grasso
  • Jack and the two men from the boat
  • Portia

As The White Lotus Season 3 is an anthology series, not many cast members will likely come back for the renewal season. Let’s just hope the new cast and characters receive the same love from the audience as the previous one.

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White Lotus Season 3 Trailer Launch

So far, no trailer has been released for Season 3. We have already mentioned to you that currently, the series is in the production phase, and hence no premiere date has been set by the production right now. Once the filming is finished, a promising trailer is launched by the production team. Until then, be patient to watch the new promo.

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