Digital Voter ID Card Status, Apply Online, Download Link

Digital Voter ID Card

Digital Voter ID Card Status, Apply Online, Download Link: GOI started issuing Digital voter cards in 2021 from the official website of EPIC and NVSP. In this article, find detailed information on Digital Voter ID Card Status, Apply Online, and Download Link. We have also provided a stepwise guide to apply for and download the digital voter card.

Digital Voter ID Card

Carrying a hard copy of official identity proof has always been a hassle. People always worry they happen to misplace their voter card. Therefore, the government of India has come up with a new digital version of voter ID cards. The e-EPIC or digital voter Id is a version of the voter card that can be downloaded in portable document format (PDF) and printed on a computer or smartphone.

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So, a voter can save the card to their mobile device, upload it to Digi locker, or print it off and laminate it themselves. Also, a digital voter ID card includes various demographic information such as serial numbers, part numbers, and secured QR codes with photos. Therefore, it provides security to the identity of people also.

Voter ID Card Status

The digital election card is a new registration which is an addition to the PCV EPIC that is already provided to individuals. A report claims that West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam, and Puducherry have been given permission by the government to use digital voter ID cards on election day.

Because of this, it’s crucial for those who don’t yet have a voter card or who have lost their original to understand how to download a voter ID. For use in the future, they can print off this electronic card and laminate it themselves. In this article, we will provide steps to download a Digital voter Id and apply for a Digital Voter card.

Digital Voter ID Card

Digital Voter ID Card Apply online

The citizens of India who have attained the age of 18 yrs or above will be eligible to apply for a Digital voter Id card. Citizens of India can apply for the Digital voter ID card from the official portal of NVSP You can follow the steps provided below to apply for the Digital Voter Id card online:

Step-1: The applicant must first visit the Election Commission of India’s official website.

Step-2: Now that you’ve chosen the link mentioned above, you’ve arrived at the National Voter Services Portal. Go through all the information provided.

Step-3: Use this page’s scroll bar to descend. After that, you must submit an online application for voter registration for a new voter.

Step-4: Aside from that, your browser also shows the application form. Thus, you must complete this form’s information request thoroughly. After that, upload the file needed to complete the application.

Step-5: Go through the application form one last time before clicking the submit button. You will receive this paper from the department shortly.

The candidates must possess some documents like identity proof, one passport-size photograph and an address proof. The fundamental requirement for the Digital Voter Card Application Online is that the applicant must obtain their voter identification via the internet. As a result, the Indian Election Commission has released information regarding the online platform where candidates can complete the registration process.

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Digital Voter ID Card Status

If you have already applied for a voter ID card, you can check your application status. The status can be checked via the National Voter Service Portal’s (NVSP) official website, You must study the entire article to obtain all the information about Digital voter cards, and you may check Digital Voter Track online. You can check the Digital voter card application status from the steps provided below:

Step-1: The first step for the applicant is to visit the Election Commission of India’s official website.

Step-2: Therefore, after clicking the link mentioned above, you have arrived at the National Voter Services Portal. Go over every detail provided here.

Step-3: On this page, scroll down. After that, you must select Online Voters Application Track.

Step-5: Your browser will also display a new page. Thus, you must input all the information requested on this page, such as the application/reference number or login information.

Step-6: Lastly, this page will display the status of your voter registration.

Thus, if you don’t have a voter ID card and want to apply online for a digital voter card or you’ve already filed online for a voter card update. Then you can check the status of your order’s completion or track it.

Digital Voter ID Card Download

The official website of the election commission provides the option for citizens to download their digital voter Id card. The official portal also provides the steps to download the Digital voter Id card. Also, you can refer to the steps provided below to download your Voter Id card from the official website of EPIC or the NVSP portal.

From EPIC website:

Step-1: Visit the official Election Commission of India portal and select “Download e-EPIC”.

Step-2: Enter the one-time password that was given to a registered mobile number along with your e-EPIC number.

Step-3: Finally, click on “Download Election Card Online”.

From NVSP website:

Step-1: The NVSP website must be accessed by

Step-2: Now register or log in to the NVSP website.

Step-3: The Form Reference Number or EPIC Number must be entered next.

Step-4: Finish the process by entering the OTP that was provided to a registered number, then select “Download e-EPIC.”

Those who are qualified to receive a digital voter card can review the above-described procedures. For the voter ID download process, it is advised to sign in to a legitimate website. As a result, there would be no chance of dealing with scammers or phoney portals.

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After downloading your digital voter ID to your devices, you can submit it to your DigiLocker account. Moreover, voters may apply for a duplicate voter ID card by completing Form B on the same website; the duplicate ID will be sent to the address on the original ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Digital voter cards and EPIC cards the same?

Yes, Digital voter cards and EPIC cards are the same. Citizens can download their eEPIC card or Digital voter card from the official website of EPIC or NVSP. They both also have the same number.

Where can I find the link to the official website of EPIC and NVSP?

The link to the official website of EPIC is

The link to the official website of NVSP is

What are the other services offered by the NVSP portal?

Other services offered by the NVSP portal are E-EPIC download, Download Electoral Roll PDF, Track Application Status, Voter Portal, Search in Electoral Roll Forms, and Political party representative.

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